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Keep customers coming back – manage your OwnerListens products with our Dashboard

Monitoring performance of multiple locations is challenging. The OwnerListens Dashboard makes it as easy as using email.

The OwnerListens Dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor multiple locations, from anywhere at any time. Reseller partners can manage their customers locations, while company executives and managers can access locations under their purview to evaluate and measure customer service performance.

Dashboard is the perfect complement to Feedback, which empowers on-the-ground managers to respond to customers and resolve problems as they happen. The Dashboard also manages Shine requests and Mobile Marketing campaigns.


1Keep an eye on what’s going on at multiple locations. The Dashboard updates in real time allowing users to jump in and help each other during busy times. Managers know that their activity streams directly to corporate, increasing responsiveness and store performance.

2Mark individual messages to later use as case studies and training materials. Help your managers and employees improve by listening to customers and utilizing constructive criticism to get better.

3Filter the right messages, at the right time. Pull up only what you need at the moment. The Dashboard provides the flexibility you need to to get a bird’s eye view of the entire organization or to focus on a specific location or manager when they need it.

get OwnerListens dashboard to control manager performance across multiple locations

Dashboard can be added to Feedback, and is required for Shine and Mobile Marketing.

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