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The best way to protect your business from bad reviews...
Prevent them from happening in the first place

“The average OwnerListens business sees a ½ to 1 Yelp star improvement within 6 months.*
That means extra revenue coming in the door. Every day.”

How It Works

1Each location gets a smart SMS number and custom signs

2Customer sends a text from their smartphone

3OwnerListens routes the message to the right person in real time. The manager responds immediately via SMS, email or web

4Management monitors locations via web dashboard, analyzes trends, flags problems, and evaluates branch performance


Current customer service channels are obsolete. They are slow, cumbersome, outdated, and customers don’t want to share their personal information. Customers would rather avoid an in-person confrontation, especially when out with loved ones, friends or coworkers.

Social media savvy customers are used to instant responses. 81% of adults use instant messaging to communicate (Comscore research) and 73 percent use social media (Pew research). They turn to social media and review sites to complain because it’s easier and more immediate than emails, contact forms or phone calls.

It's as easy as sending a text...because it IS just sending a text. Customers like the ease of use. Customers who receive real time responses from businesses describe their customer experience as “magical” and are 84% more likely to visit the business again.


Simple and Easy to Use

No new technology is required for you or your customers. For your customers sending you feedback, it is just sending a text. For you responding to feedback, it is just sending an email or text.

Management and employees are accountable

Unlike reviews on Yelp or other sites, every OwnerListens message has a real time date and time stamp so you know exactly who was in charge when the incident occurred, how long they took to reply and whether their solution was successful.

Tested and Effective

The OwnerListens FEEDBACK platform is being used by over 9000 businesses across the US. From local coffee shops, Michelin star restaurants, high-end regional grocery store chains to dentists, doctors and auto mechanics, we serve all kinds of businesses!

It’s Safe

FEEDBACK masks emails and phone numbers of customers and managers so they can have a text-based conversation without worrying about leaking private contact info. Also, OwnerListens can easily block fake or harassing messages.


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