Card generator faq

How do I make a card?

1. Select the social network or review platform, the testimonial came from.

2. Select a background you like. You can choose a photo or a solid color background.

3. Write the testimonial in the “Text” box.

4. Write the customer’s name in the “Who wrote it” box, if you know it.
Some customers might want to remain anonymous.
The card will look just fine even if you don’t include a name.

5. Select a font color you like.

6. That's it. Now click on “download”. Your card will download to your computer.

Where and when do I post it?

That’s up to you. You can post it on places such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and of course on your own website.

This is true for all your posts but it’s worth reminding that you should only post promotional content once in a while. You don’t want to overwhelm your followers with too much self-serving content.

As a general rule, posting a compliment sent to an employee and congratulating that employee on a job well done is more interesting than a general compliment.

You should link back to the original review when you post. This will help people verify it and drive them to read more about your business.

How do people know I didn’t fake the review or testimonial?

Posting fake reviews is dishonest and fraudulent. Most business owners are honest and don’t resort to such behavior.

Additionally, if you post a link to the review this proves to consumers you are not faking anything. If you’re posting a card about an OwnerListens message and someone challenges its validity, send that person to us. We’ll be happy to verify the authenticity of your compliment.

Does this cost me anything?

No. It does not.

Where did you get those nice photos?

These are photos we found on free to use sites such as Unsplash and PixaBay. These sites provide a wonderful service. You should check them out when you need photos.

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