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All plans include a 14 day free trial

Small Shop
  • 3 users
  • Select a number/text enable current number
  • Text, dashboard and email notifications and response
  • One automated response
  • Website texting widget
50 Conversations / Month
Growing Shop
  • 5 users
  • Select a number/text enable current number
  • Text, dashboard and email notifications and response
  • Two automated responses
  • Website texting widget
100 Conversations / Month
Big Shop
  • 10 users
  • Select a number/text enable current number
  • Text, dashboard and email notifications and response
  • Unlimited automated responses
  • Website texting widget
200 Conversations / Month

Need a tailored plan or specific integrations?
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* We can also enable your existing landline to receive text messages (one time, non-refundable fee of $25, due upon signup ), provide a toll-free number ($10/month), or provide a number that supports texting pictures (MMS, also $10/month).
These options are available as part of the signup process.


Which plan should I choose?
First, decide whether or not you want the Facebook Messenger integration. If you have a business page on Facebook - we highly recommend it, it'll simplify your life. Second, note that the plans differ mostly by the number of conversations included per month and the number of users who can receive and respond to incoming customer messages (sometimes know as “seats”). We recommend starting with the Small Shop or Growing Shop - you can always upgrade or downgrade later.
What if I go over the number of conversations I subscribed for? What’s a “conversation” anyway?
With OwnerListens, you do not get charged per message but rather by conversation. A conversation is an exchange of messages between the business and a unique user who has not contacted the business during the previous seven days.
Regarding overages, we will let you know if you come close to exceeding the number of conversations for which you prepay monthly. If you exceed that number of conversations in any given month, you will be charged $2 for every additional 10 conversations. That’s only 20 cents per extra conversation!
Can I request a specific number for my business? Can I change the number I receive?
Unless you decide to text enable your existing landline, OwnerListens will assign your business a number based on the area code you select. Sometimes, there are no numbers available in a given area code so we will have to give the business a number in a neighboring area code. If you need to change the number your business was assigned please contact We can usually assign you a new number but may not be able to provide a specific number.
If I sign up for a Facebook Messenger integration, can I reply to customers using Messenger?
While, as your Facebook Page’s admin, you can technically respond to customers using Facebook directly, you will not be able to take advantage of any of the OwnerListens capabilities if you do so. Your teammates will not see your responses, you cannot set up auto responses (except through Facebook), and various other capabilities will not be active.
Will customers see my name and number? Will I see theirs?
No. OwnerListens will not display any business user's phone number or email address, unless you include it yourself in the message text. However, the customer's phone number will be visible in your dashboard and email. Finally, note we do not control any information exchanged via Facebook itself.
Does OwnerListens supply any marketing materials to businesses that sign up?
Yes. OwnerListens provides a slider called “Message Mate” that can be incorporated into your business website. Message Mate displays your text number to customers who visit your website. OwnerListens can also provide you with images to share on social media or physical signs for your business - all you have to do is ask!
How do auto-replies work and can they be customized for specific use cases?
Auto-replies are sent to customers immediately after a customer initiates a conversation with a business. Any subsequent message(s) sent by a customer will not be followed by an auto-reply, unless it is the first message in a new conversation.
Auto replies are extremely useful in setting expectations. Ideally, your auto response should state how soon the customer can expect a response so s/he is not disappointed by a later than expected reply. Auto replies are limited to 160 characters.
What is a Call to Action (CTA)
Calls to Actions, or CTAs, are a Facebook only component. A CTA is a visual box, containing an image, text and buttons, which can be sent via Facebook Messenger. Here are a few examples:
What if I need to cancel my account?
If you need to cancel your account, you can do so with one click from your Account Info page or simply send us an email to and we'll cancel your account - no questions asked.


Feature Small Shop Growing Shop Big Shop
Unlimited messages per conversation
Dashboard access
Desktop notifications
Email notifications
Receive customer messages via text
Reply via text
Reply updates among team members (Text)
Template Responses (dashboard)  
Auto Signature   Uniform for all users Per user
Customized auto response to first message One Two Multiple
Time-aware auto responses  
Post-conversation rating requests Numeric only Numeric or text Numeric or text
Rating requests recovery action Manual 2 auto (high/low) 2 Auto + specific notifications via email/text
Text notification day/hour restrictions  
Message Mate
Desktop aware MM behavior
Signs Self Serve Tailored Tailored
Routing engine     Basic
CRM Integration     1 CRM
Escalation     Contact us for details
Text and phone support


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