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Chat with customers the way they talk to family and friends: on mobile!


Customers expect responses as instant as the social media and texting they’re used to.


Making a personal connection is the difference – speak directly with customers.

Exceed Customer Expectations


Don't let a customer walk out empty handed because they couldn't find a sales associate or were embarrassed to ask a question...

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Open the door to 1-on-1 relationships with customers and discover your star employees in the process...

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Monitor quality and employee performance at each point of service. With in-the-moment feedback, every customer...

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Which stores are providing great service?
Which employees are doing an exceptional job?
Are customers satisfied ...

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Increase customer loyalty and revenue

Save on contact center costs

Make in-store staff more efficient

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Really loud in here today. Felt like I'm in a night club. I hate shopping this way.

How many samosas come in the samosa chaat app? I thought it was 2 - I only got 1.

How do I make an appointment from your location? No one is picking up the phone. Can I just text you using OwnerListens?

My manicure was disappointing - it broke after a few hours.

I got the wrong order and couldn't eat half of it bc I don't eat meat - total waste of money and I'll prob won't return bc of this. It's not the first time you get an order wrong.

Love your margaritas and food but I must say your tables are a little dirty and your sides are overpriced ($4 for rice?!?!).

Perhaps you can offer a cheaper version of your car wash package. Having just a $15 one and a $55 seems like you're missing a mid-section of the market.

Our waiter was good but had to be flagged several times to refill our water. You are severaly understaffed.

It took 20 min to find someone to give us some advice about sound systems. Way too long for what I expect from here. Might as well go online.

The atmosphere is great until you have to deal with the business center. Why be so rude to paying customers? Otherwise, a great hotel

Love the food and the service was great but I had trouble reading the menu because a. It's very dark b. the handwriting is illegible.

Air out the place more often. It smells. I don't pay $200 a month for a gym for this.

The inside smells like a fryer. You need better vents.

Service was super slow tonight. Not typical so hopefully a one time event for such a fancy spa.

Ack. We are here on a not very busy Thursday night. You're about 80% full. Took us 40 min to get our food! Servers were excellent -- checked on food a couple times. But wow--don't send home your 'quick' cook early on weeknights. Way too long to wait for food.

I use to love going to fresh city but I am a vegetarian and last two times I found a piece of chicken in my food. The servers put the food together so fast that they do not care about anyone's allergies. I love the food but do not like the service

LOVE this location. I visit several times a week and service is always quick and excellent.

Drive through line is usually quick and my order is correct. Can't ask for much else!

Great service and friendly employees!

I love your little shop. And I love your sandwiches!! Would you consider carrying kettle-style chips along with your other offerings?

Service was really slow until this guy stepped in. Good job by him.

I really like your coffee shop. In general I think the espresso is way better than other Tully's, however your new baristas need more training. The espresso isn't as tasty as it has been in the past. Thanks.

Perfect place for kids I love to take my niece there

Totally love the chocolate chip cookies they are sooo moist and yummy

I wish they had more selection of vegetarian soups

Service was slow. Once order was taken... It was correct and delicious!

Slow service. Right order. Staff was rude

Friendly. Clean. Speedy at lunch!

Friendly staff. Food overpriced.

Where do you get your meat? The fillet was exquisite.

Excellent food and service all around.

Wow- thanks for the quick response. It's nice to know you care what your customers have to say and offer this app. I was too shy to ask in person. It's great to know this especially because there is both eating and playing with hands going on. Thanks for getting back to m and looking forward to coming in.

When I first moved to SF, this spot quickly became one of my favorite places. However, since the changes, I do feel as if the restaurant has suffered in many respects. The once delicious chips are now often stale and dry. The service feels more strained and sometimes less personal. While I still think the restaurant does a fine job, it no longer comes to mind as quickly when I am searching for recommendations to give a friend. Hoping to see more of the place I fell in love with in the future.

Love coming to your happy place for lunch even without children. I visit 2-3 times per week and sometimes do takeout for my colleagues and myself. Recently we have been commenting on how much waste there is after a lunch takeout. Even the 2-3 pieces of bread that come w the soup have their own container. Is there something you could do to reduce the waste? Many thanks

Great wine and generally speaking the food was great. I would just add more veggie options and it would be perfect. Thanks!

Great brunch except our side of bacon was sub par. Some of it was overdone. I would normally just deal with it but since you charge $7 for the side I'm very disappointed.

I had a reservation and still had to wait 25 min. I skipped dessert bc of the resulting time crunch. Don't know if you will work for dinner meetings in the future. I have to be able to trust the schedule. 10 min + or - is fine but no more than that.

Okay it's great. You have the best biz power lunch.

The menu was dirty, literally. Not very good on the hands before eating.

I loved everything about the scallop dish!!!

Is it that hard to get fresh pepper with my salad? My partner was done with his meal by the time I could get someone to notice I needed something.

Your chairs are super uncomfortable and mine had food on it. I asked the server to get someone to clean it but that never happened. I cleaned it myself eventually.

I'm all about steak cooked medium-rare and that's how I ordered it. However, my dish was still moo-ing and I sent it back once - hardly and change. Was too embarrassed to send it back again in front of clients so i are half. What a waste of money. I will not come back again unless you can do something about that next time.

The asparagus wasn't cooked enough - sucks when I pay $9+ for the dish! What a let down - don't know if I would recommend this place to friends.

I wanted more glaze for my fillet and the waiter needed to check on the price! It's really something your staff should know.

Thanks for getting back to me Carlo. I didn't feel comfortable speaking up in person which is why I didn't say anything to the woman washing my hair. The rest of the experience was great! Thanks!

Please get larger cups for water so you don't have to interrupt conversations every five minutes for a refill. Sat for lunch today and was interrupted six times.

The nurse here texted on his phone with a glove on and didn't change his glove before touching patients. Not sanitary!!!

Love coming here but sometimes your containers can be a little sticky. Do you wipe them before serving?

No one was at the concierge desk - we had to wait five minutes and ask someone cleaning the floor if we were at this right place. That person didn't know English. Not the best check in experience.


Are you interested in learning how long customers wait in line before giving up?

Would you like to know when customers can’t find a product so you can send help?

When a customer leaves the store, would you like to collect their feedback or a net promoter score?

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online buzz

"We live in the future now, where reviews live forever. Where a few lil’ red stars can make or break your business. OwnerListens, a startup that spun out of a hummus shop in Palo Alto, is trying to give customers a more direct alternative to Yelp"

"Owner Oren Dobronsky noticed that patrons would usually request to speak with him to leave positive or negative feedback — but he wasn’t always around to hear it. Dobronsky also came to the conclusion that it’s easier to offer incisive feedback (highly valuable for any business) in an anonymous setting. He’s got a point."

"Business owners who aren’t collecting data are facing a major opportunity cost. Even when the data is readily available, businesses seldom think to capture it. This process requires upfront planning. Once the right systems are in place, however, business owners can focus on collecting the exact information that they need."

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OwnerListens protects and improves your business reputation


Increase online ratings
by preventing
negative reviews


Publish positive
feedback on
social media

Mobile Marketing

Send customers
mobile offers to
inspire loyalty


Track ratings trends to improve business performance


Monitor multiple locations, managers, and staff in real time


OwnerListens sits between the business
and the customer’s device to protect
both side's privacy.

Complaints, questions and
compliments are delivered
privately and immediately.

The Business can reply in real time, compensate, and invite the customer
to special offers.

OwnerListens offers five products that help your clients grow their businesses, both in terms of customers and dollars.
As a reseller, offering value added services on the OwnerListens platform provides you a stable, recurring stream of monthly revenue.


Increase online ratings
by preventing
negative reviews


Publish positive
feedback on
social media

Mobile Marketing

Send customers
mobile offers to
inspire loyalty


Track ratings trends to improve business performance


Monitor multiple locations, managers, and staff in real time

Better retention, higher profitability, greater customer satisfaction. When our customers win, we win. OwnerListens makes that happen.

Jay Skowron, Hospitality Defender

Program Attributes:

  • Charge the business what you want, just pay a flat rate fee per location to OwnerListens
  • Learn to implement OwnerListens products in under 60 minutes, and access educational and support resources 24/7
  • Get field-tested sales materials, along with professionally designed in-store signage

Started in 2011 by a restaurant owner and a tech entrepreneur, OwnerListens has grown to serve over 4,000 businesses in all 50 States.
Our products serve all types of businesses including: restaurants, coffee shops, dentists, auto mechanics, hotels, and more!

What’s in it for you as a value-added reseller?

More, stable monthly revenue, and a deeper engagement with your clients.
With 25 business locations signed on, you could make an additional $5,100 EVERY MONTH.

What’s in it for your clients?

Improved online ratings, increased revenue, and enhanced customer retention and loyalty.
The typical OwnerListens business sees a ½ to 1 Yelp star improvement within 6 months

It’s simple to get started:

  • Fill out the short application form
  • An OwnerListens Reseller Specialist will contact you regarding your authorization
  • Complete a 90 minute online training program

Questions about the Reseller Program?

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Lily Kolkema, Philz Coffee

We really want to know what our customers think, the good and the bad, so we can provide the best experience possible and meet the individual needs of separate locations.
OwnerListens is one of the ways we have nurtured such a loyal clientele.

Katie Manijak, Whole Foods Palo Alto

With direct customer feedback, we can stay current on how our shoppers feel and how well our Team Members are doing.
We can also respond much faster via the OwnerListens inbox compared to trying to decipher handwritten letters ...
It's completely anonymous and allows shoppers to ask questions they may otherwise not feel comfortable asking.

Winston Wint, Mango Caribbean Restaurant & Bar

OwnerListens is the piece that puts owners and consumers together ... If someone is going to sit at the end of the meal and send the owner a message, I'm going to take that more seriously.
The instantaneous messaging is key. It's fresh in my mind, it's fresh in my employee's minds, and we can address the situation immediately.

Shoshana Chopra, All Spice

I have OwnerListens messaging in my check presenters. It's really effective and I respond to all my feedback.

Over 4000 businesses are already
listening across the US and Canada

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