$500 Visa Gift Card for giving feedback with OwnerListens!!!

How to Enter
  1. 1)Text the word “FEEDBACK” to 33733 and download the OwnerListens app for iPhone or Android or submit feedback via the web at /givefeedback.

  2. 2)Provide feedback for a business you recently visited. OwnerListens will find the owner of the business and deliver your message so the business can improve. The owner will be able to reply to you, but you stay anonymous.

  3. 3)Keep giving feedback to more local businesses. For every feedback you give (up to 5 per day), you will be entered into our $500 weekly drawing.

  4. 4)Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date announcements when we conduct drawings!

Why Should I Participate?

Local businesses are super important to the economy

They could really use your help to improve and be able to compete with big brands. Did you know? For every purchase you make at a local business, 45% stays in the local economy. However when you buy from a chain, only 14% stays in the local economy.

It's the right thing to do

It's only fair that you give a business owner the chance to help, before you go to Yelp, Tripadvisor, or social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you have something negative to say to someone, say it to them directly. They will appreciate it, fix it, and you will get better service next time. Everyone wins!

Why not? There's no downside!

You get heard, you help a local business, and you may win $500 dollars. The more feedback you give, the more entries you get. Up to 5 per day!


Feedback is a Gift

  1. Your feedback must be meaningful and pertain to the business. If you send spam, gibberish, or offensive content, your entry will be disqualified

  2. If you are using /givefeedback, you must provide an email address so we may contact you. App users do not need to provide any contact information.

  3. Anyone can leave feedback using OwnerListens but you must be 18 or older to enter the drawing

  4. No purchase necessary. Just download and speak up

  5. For the purposes of the drawing a "week" commences on Monday and concludes on Sunday at midnight PST

  6. Winners will be notified through the app and will be asked to provide their contact info

  7. Void where prohibited

  8. For complete terms and conditions click here





Coffee Shops

Photo by Serge Melki, Noura Restaurant, 2009-03-03 via Flicker, CC by 2.0.

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Text the word “FEEDBACK” to 33733 and download the free app for iPhone or Android

Text “FEEDBACK” to 33733 to download the free OwnerListens app for iPhone or Android

Mobile App

One winner EVERY WEEK - Follow/Like us for up-to-date drawing announcements!

On the Web

How to give feedback:

Leave feedback via the web at /givefeedback

Leave feedback via the web at /givefeedback


“The best way to get rewarded for helping local businesses improve!” 
- Past Winner