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Customers hate waiting, but they also hate to be hounded by sales associates. Many customers feel uncomfortable asking for help and will leave if they don’t quickly find what they need. Or they just look up the item online and order it instead.

Example Use Cases:

Customer Recovery
"Been waiting for 20 minutes. I'm leaving."
better employee utilization
"Can't find my size. Can't find a sales person either."
Answer Questions
"Does my coupon apply to this item?"

Solve these problems by giving customers a quick, easy way to access help. OwnerListens makes it safe and easy for customers to text or IM for help, routes the messages to in-store staff and delivers answers back to the customers. An associate can also be dispatched to meet the customer on the floor.

Some situations require more expertise than in-store staff can provide. In those cases, OwnerListens can connect customers to an offsite expert with deeper knowledge. It’s the kind of personalized, concierge-style service that stands out and closes sales without requiring huge resources to train in-store staff.

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