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All organizations are interested in customer feedback. It’s the best way to know whether employees are providing great services, products are meeting expectations and facilities are well maintained.

However, authentic, thoughtful feedback is extremely difficult to get.

Current feedback methods such as surveys are cumbersome and suffer from low reply rates. They are filled hours or days after the fact based on stale memory and don’t reflect the customer’s true feeling while in the store. Customers don't feel heard after filling out surveys because there is no update about what was done following their feedback.

On a scale of 1-10
how much do customers hate surveys?

OwnerListens' Feedback solution makes it easy for customers to provide in-the-moment feedback. It's quick, anonymous and virtually effortless for a customer to pull out their mobile phone, see the business name automatically pop up in the OwnerListens app and write up their immediate thoughts. OwnerListens also helps business close the loop and respond to the customer while maintaining the customer's anonymity. This not only delights customers in the short run, it encourages them to leave feedback in the future.

A customer can send you a feedback via:

Embed in your branded app

In-the-moment feedback is more valuable

Customers provide more detailed and thoughtful descriptions the closer they are to the actual event. With OwnerListens, they can also add a photo to illustrate their feedback.

In-the-moment feedback holds staff accountable

Time- and location-stamped feedback helps locate the source of problems and hold people accountable.

In-the-moment feedback is customizable.

Ask specific questions you care about.
Place feedback prompts in error prone places.

In-the-moment feedback shows you care.

When a brand listens and responds to feedback, customers feel that their opinions matter, strengthening their sense of loyalty.

"It was amazing to get an answer from the manager within minutes. He went out of his way to fix the problem and I was out of there in 15 minutes. I’ve come back three times since"

Katie James

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