It’s easier than ever to provide excellent customer service

Signs show customers you care about providing excellent customer service
Customers start conversation using your custom SMS number or the OwnerListens app
Comments are routed to the manager on duty, or your centralized customer service center


Gain control of your brand and online reputation. Take care of your customer before they go to Yelp and Social Media.

Identify your customer service strengths and weaknesses. Get critical information about how your business is operating.

Recover lost revenue from unhappy customers, and provide a quick and easy way to generate new business leads.


Lily Kolkema, Philz Coffee

We really want to know what our customers think, the good and the bad, so we can provide the best experience possible and meet the individual needs of separate locations.
OwnerListens is one of the ways we have nurtured such a loyal clientele.

Katie Manijak, Whole Foods Palo Alto

With direct customer feedback, we can stay current on how our shoppers feel and how well our Team Members are doing.
We can also respond much faster via the OwnerListens inbox compared to trying to decipher handwritten letters ...
It's completely anonymous and allows shoppers to ask questions they may otherwise not feel comfortable asking.

Shoshana Chopra, All Spice

I have OwnerListens messaging in my check presenters. It's really effective and I respond to all my feedback.

Consumers Talking

Kelly, San Francisco, OwnerListens user

I really like the concept behind this app. It just makes sense for both businesses and consumers. I used it at a restaurant to send a message to the owner about the music…he came out 30 seconds later and changed it! *Mind Blown*

Chris, Phoenix, OwnerListens user

Cool idea! It’s much better to send constructive feedback to the owner than slamming them on Yelp for having a bad day. I love it – immediate feedback to the person who can make a difference. Perfecto!

Wendy, Myrtle Beach, OwnerListens user

No more frustration trying to fill out the contact form, no complaining to a staff member who will never do anything about it. When I send a message on OwnerListens I know management will see it and can take action. The best part is getting responses from owners. This is how all businesses should work!

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