Who are we?

We are OwnerListens. Our goal is to make the interaction between businesses and customer easier and more efficient, specifically by empowering communication via any text messaging platform. Using OwnerListens’ technology, businesses have an easier time interacting with, and learning about, their customers, and customers have the convenience of using their favorite way to communicate: text messaging.

  • Order ahead: "Hi, can someone make me a bouquet of a dozen roses? I'll be there in 10 min for pickup"
  • Customer service: "Hello, I ordered my pizza 90 minutes ago, where is it?"
  • Feedback: "You really need to invest in better air conditioning, shopping here is like a sauna"
  • Reviews: "Can you make sure that your workers understand me when i say no mayo? Third time this week"

We need YOU


Businesses will only use our technology if they are exposed to it and they see that their clientele are interested in engaging them this way. You know you hate calling and prefer to text but if they don’t know you want to text them instead of calling, why would they do it?


By becoming our Ambassador. As an OwnerListens Ambassador you’ll tell the businesses you frequent, both online and offline, about OwnerListens and encourage them to let you text them! We will support you with promotional materials and answer any questions to help convert as many businesses as possible into OwnerListens users. You will get a unique referral code that will provide the business with 10% off OwnerListens for 3 years. When the business uses your code to sign up we will give you credit for the referral.

What's in it for me?

For each business that you refer, that becomes a paying customer (verified through your unique referral code) for at least six months, OwnerListens will reward you with whatever they pay us for the first, third and sixth month of using OwnerListens (not counting the initial free 30 day trial).

Say you introduced your favorite pizza place to OwnerListens and they sign up for and deploy OwnerListens for $50 per month for at least six months. You will receive a total of $150. Here's a handy timeline of what that looks like:

Month 0 is a free 30 day trial we provide all new signups. It does not count in the six month tally.


If your referral becomes a paying customer for at least six months, OwnerListens will send you whatever they pay us for the first, third and sixth month of using OwnerListens (not counting the initial free 30 day trial).

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Questions and Restrictions

1. How do you know I referred this business?

The business must use your referral code for you to receive the bonus. Only one referral per business may receive the bonus.

2. What can I do once a business has signed up to encourage them to stay on for the long term?

You get your bonus when a business you referred regularly uses the paid version of OwnerListens. To make sure that happens, you can help the business owner or manager use it correctly to realize its full benefit.

A key component of success on OwnerListens is informing customers about it. Signs, stickers, notes on receipts, business cards, web profiles etc. should all include the OwnerListens SMS number assigned to the business. Employees should also be informed about the program and assist in telling customers about it.

You can increase the likelihood of success by helping spread the word about OwnerListens to customers. Make sure signs are clearly posted and visible, explain the program to fellow employees and help the business’ social media manager post about it and share it.

We will let you know when a business signs up with your referral code so you can follow up with them and help them use OwnerListens properly.

3. How old must I be to participate?

You must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18, you must get parental permission through this form

4. How do I get my bonus payment?

When you sign up as an Ambassador, we will ask for your full name and address or for your paypal account name (your choice). After we receive payment from the business for the sixth month of using OwnerListens, we will send you a check. The check will be sent to the address you provided or we can send you money via paypal if you provide your paypal account info.

5. What if I refer a chain or someone who owns multiple businesses?

You will get your bonus for all businesses that sign up through your referral code. For example, if you introduce us to the CEO of McDonald’s and he signs up all 60,000 locations through your referral, you will get a bonus for all 60,000.

Remember, you must be the first to introduce us to a business owner or manager in order to receive the bonus.

6. What happens if the business cancels their subscription after 6 months?

That would be sad but as long as the business paid for OwnerListens for at least 6 months, you will receive your bonus.

More questions? Email referrals@ownerlistens.com or text us to: 650-825-1166

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